Review: The Color Run

Over the summer I decided to sign up for The New England Color Run with a few friends. The idea behind the 5K run is simply to have fun. Every kilometer, Color Run volunteers spray you with paint so you finish the race in rainbow hues. Below are my comments on the good and not so good aspects of the event.

The Good…

  1. The enthusiasm of the coordinators and racers. Loud music, vendors with free samples and a lot of fun pre-race contests. Everyone was ready to run the “Happiest 5K on the Planet” and there were participants of all ages and demographics smiling and having a great time.
  2. Pre-race coordination. Race packets were picked up ahead of time and included your race bib, a t-shirt, sweatbands and packets of color paint.
  3. The color. The paint was essentially dyed corn starch and died our clothes, faces and sneakers florescent greens, pinks, yellows and blues.

The bad…

  1. Price. This race had a pricey registration fee… $35 per person when you completed early sign up. What was disappointing was the lack of perks at the end of the race. All food and drink had to be purchased, even water.
  2. The course. The 5K course was a little boring, rolling hills through scenic Northern Mass. (we’ll get to the location later) which was not exactly what the race was advertised to be. I expected volunteers and fans against the sidewalks of the course, maybe some loud music. Mostly, I felt like I was nuisance running through neighbors’ front yards on a Saturday morning.
  3. Location and Organization. We had to drive to northern Massachusetts, park in New Hampshire and take a shuttle bus to the race location (back over the state line). After the race there was a rush to the shuttle busses which would take racers back to their parked cars. We ended up waiting in line, along with thousands of others who ran the race for over three hours. The Color Run coordinators allowed far too many people to sign up for the race and were completely overwhelmed with the transportation factors.

Overall, I really did enjoy my time at the race. I can’t say I will be signing up for another race soon, but it is great to see new efforts evolving encouraging everyone to have fun while they workout.



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