Warming Up

lululemon’s Salutation Nation in the Boston Common, September 2011

Fitness blogs and sites can be found across the web and they will be a huge resource as I begin to build my blog. There are many review sites that cover and compare different workouts and gyms across the country. There are also blogs which hire influential fitness bloggers to report back on their exercise routines and favorite workouts. The following is a list of the major sites I plan to use as resources as I begin my research:

  1. Rate Your Burn: A blog that anonymously reviews fitness classes, studios and instructors in Boston, Los Angeles and New York. RYB’s outsourced and highly qualified (read: super-fit) reviewers head into a variety of yoga, cycling, barre, and cardio classes and report back to the blog. Reviewers rate the classes and instructors based on their intensity, popularity, music choice and overall atmosphere.
    @rateyourburn | @rateyourburnla
  2. FitFluential: FF is a network of highly knowledgeable and influential fitness buffs who log their fitness experiences, adventures and mishaps through the FitFluential website and their own social media platforms.
    @fitfluential | FitFluential Ambassadors
  3. New York Times Health & Fitness: NYT’s Health & Fitness section will be a source for a lot of my health research. I will look to this source for expert resources in the nutrition and fitness fields.
  4. FitSugar: A San Francisco-based health and fitness news site that provides tips, breaking news and insights on exercise trends and fashion. FS provides its readers with healthy eating tips and everyday strengthening workouts.
  5. lululemon athletica Blog: lululemon is an international active wear brand with a focus on inspiring their customers to explore different kinds of exercise. The company’s blog includes profiles of lululemon’s “Ambassadors” who are fitness leaders in their communities. Through the blog I will be able to discover new exercise trends and reviews.

Photo (cc) by lululemon athletica and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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