BostInno – Inside a new form of journalism

After Chase, Lauren and Ayla of BostInno came into our class to talk about the company, I was very intrigued by the journalistic model of their publication. BostInno is a news publication that looks into innovative ideas, projects, companies and events – all from a Boston-insider point of view. BostInno publishes stories by staff writers and freelancers, whoever will provide the best insight on the Boston business world.

I think this is a very creative model of journalism, and one that is definitely going to stay strong in the future. Their profit model is mainly based off of online add space and they do not spend any money creating a print publication. One very creative part of their publication is the “Channels” page. This is a section of the news site owned by Boston-area companies. They are in control of what information they want to publish for BostInno readers to see. It generates additional traffic to the site and creates a wide-spread readership base.

I will continue to check in on BostInno as I build my blog. They have an ongoing events series “What To Do This Week” where the author highlights the newest lifestyle events happening in Boston. Hopefully BostInno will highlight some fitness trends or events going on in the city and I will be able to try them out for myself.


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