Boston Goes Pro

My Twitter handle: @meganlieberman

On Saturday afternoon, I had the opportunity to head into downtown Boston and cover the TD Bank Mayor’s Cup, a professional cycling race that took place in the center of Boston. The race was sponsored by Boston Bikes, Mayor Menino’s organization created to encourage Bostonians to use bicycles for fun, exercise, and transportation.

Boston Bikes has a wide network of connections, including the creation of Hubway, Boston’s first bike-sharing program.

While live-tweeting, I found that reaching out to other Twitter handles connected to the event to be extremely helpful. By following @BikeBoston, @Hubway and #TDBankMayorsCup, I was able to keep up with everything happening at the race. I covered the races that were happening that afternoon, as well as the sponsors and vendors that were in the “infield” of the race at Government Center.

I had very few problems with covering the event through Twitter. I found what a strong reporting tool Twitter can be for covering sporting events, especially something as fast-paced as cycling. Scores, leads and times can change at any minute and Twitter is a great tool to inform news consumers of these changes. I was able to Retweet @BikeBoston and @Hubway, when they had information before I did. One of the difficulties I did find was losing 3G and having trouble accessing my twitter network. There were a few instances when I was lagging in my tweets because of the loss of my 3G network.

Overall, I had a great time covering the event. I have posted a few pictures that I took while I was there below.


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