Fit 2.0 – When Tech and Fitness Collide

There is a pretty common misconception that technology is going to be the demise of fitness, and this isn’t surprising in the least. Plenty of people (myself included) are guilty of complaining about not having time to workout, but then spend hours on Facebook, playing video games and online shopping. While some forms of technology may be our workout anti-christ, others are only here to help…. meet the FitBit Zip.

This little quarter-sized wireless activity tracker is one of the best fitness tracking devices I’ve seen. It records your steps taken, miles traveled and calories burned; reporting back to your web-based app or IOS app on your iPhone.

One of the best parts – it is completely wireless, there is no need to worry about syncing or updating. The data and graphics look clean and simple to read.

I am definitely interested in trying this one out, the price point isn’t too high either, starting at around $60. I will be interested to see how FitBit Zip holds up against bigger competitors such as Nike FuelBand and Striiv.

Here is a Wired Mag review on FitBit Zip which includes all the tech specs on the tracker.


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