At Your (Sweaty) Service

In fitness-dense cities such as New York and LA, one of the hardest parts of your workout is choosing your workout. There are dozens of studios, schedules, online logins and passwords to keep in the back of your mind and it’s a wonder anyone actually makes it to their workouts.

FITiST is here to change that. Think one-stop shopping for all your workout needs. The founders of FITiST have built relationships with the hottest pilates, cycle, dance, cardio and yoga studios in NYC and LA to create single sign-in packages for FITiST members.

There are “Flex” plan options (5, 1o and 20 packs that you can use at any of the networked studios) or customized “Expert” plans that are customized for marathon cross-trainers, new moms or brides-to-be.

The best part is the simplicity of it all. All studio schedules, sign ups and information are available on FITiST. The packages and studio feedback are compiled by local experts: nutritionists, doctors, personal trainers and semi-professional athletes.FITiST packages and plans definitely don’t come cheap, but what can you expect when you’ve turned Manhattan into your own personal gym?

Even more details in an article posted in the Time Magazine Health & Family section.


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