November: New Month, New Challenges

November 1. The start of a new month leads to new challenges, new goals and new achievements. I have set a lot of goals for myself this month, including a few fitness goals…

  1. Run More.I have been caught up in “SpinCity” as I like to call it- taking and teaching cycle classes 8-10 times a week.

    Photo courtesy of lululemon Athletica under Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

    While spinning is a full body workout and a great way to build endurance and strengthen muscles, variety is key. I have been longing for a good long run on the Charles or a sunrise run through the middle of sleepy Boston, but haven’t “found the time” to make it happen.
    For myself, sticking to a good running routine will not happen unless I am training for something. While I don’t know what my next race will be, I do know what I am training for in the future. If I am logisticallyable to get to Vancouver next August, I will be training to run the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon. I will hopefully be crossing off a new city and a new race in one weekend.

  2. New Music. I have been slacking in finding new music for my cycle classes, and I feel myself (and my class) becoming bored with the same old songs. I will be plugged in this month, headphones on my walks to work and class, blasting Spotify, Pandora, 8Tracks and anything else I can get my ears on.
  3. Strength Train. I have lost a lot of muscle that I had built up when I used to lift and I’m ready to get it back. Nothing crazy, maybe twice a week after a spin class (or long run!), but enough to start seeing some results.

It’s a loaded list, but there is no point of setting easily obtainable goals. We’ll see how it goes!


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