Final Project: A profile on Rachele Pojednic

For my final project I will be doing a profile piece on Rachele Pojednic, a Northeastern alum and all-around Boston-fitness guru. Rachele is involved in every aspect of exercise; coxswain for the Northeastern Alumni Rowing Team, spinning instructor at Recycle Studio and has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Northeastern, Boston University, MIT and the Thayer Academy. Rachele is a committed November Project tribe member, as well as a road biker, runner and a lover of all winter sports.

Photo courtesy of Rachele Pojednic and Strong Process.

So she’s fit, but does she know anything? 1000x yes. Rachele graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cardiopulmonary and Exercise Science. She holds two Masters Degrees, an M.S. in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from Tufts University and an M.Ed in Physical Education and Coaching from Boston University. Rachele is in the process of completing her Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition & Exercise Physiology PhD at Tufts University.

Onto Rachele’s online work… she has started a blog, Strong Process, which focuses on spotlighting endeavors in health and fitness. She posts everything from the importance of rest to the best types of cardio training to the truth behind trend dieting. She is active on her blog’s Twitter handle @strongprocess where she Tweets and Retweets a lot of great information and reputable sources.

Basically, Rachele knows a lot. Her blog is making every reader a little bit smarter, quicker and healthier. You can guarantee that you will never find her unhappily sweating it out on a treadmill in the gym- this girl is always doing something different. I am excited to get started speaking with Rachele about her insights and work in the fitness world.


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