Welcome to Spin & Tonic, a blog that looks into the latest fitness trends and fads that have emerged over the past few years. Everything from cycling classes to 5Ks, are now not only focused on fitness, but on creating an atmosphere similar to that of a night club or dance party. Many of these studios have gained a cult-like following, with members anxiously awaiting to sign-up for classes and religiously promoting their brand through t-shirts and tweets.

There are both advocates and opposition to some of these forms of exercise. I will be looking into where these trends have stemmed from, who is involved and what is making them grow.

About the author:

My name is Megan Lieberman and I am a journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Since I could walk (or run) I have tried just about every sport possible and found something I love about each of them. Currently, I am an avid runner and indoor cycling instructor with a love for any song with a strong beat. I plan to try as many music-blasting, color-throwing, dance-filled workouts as possible and report back on my experiences here. Twitter: @meganlieberman



Header image courtesy of Megan Lieberman


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