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Supporting Fitness at Northeastern

A quick post for the day:

I think that is so important that Northeastern’s Campus Rec program has recognized the need for more alternative fitness programs on campus. This year, they built a beautiful new fitness studio, Revolutionz, to be used for indoor cycling, kettle ball and yoga. Everyone should have the opportunity to find a workout that they love, and providing more opportunities for alternative fitness efforts is a great way to do so.

In a post on the New York Times’ Well Blog, it has been scientifically proven that individuals who enjoy their workout routine are far more likely to stick to their fitness goals. Finding what you enjoy and stick to is the most important part, and it is great to see Northeastern making steps toward providing students with options for a healthy lifestyle.

Revolutionz Studio in the Marino Center at Northeastern University. Photo taken by Megan Lieberman.

Revolutionz Studio in the Marino Center at Northeastern University. Photo taken by Megan Lieberman.


November: New Month, New Challenges

November 1. The start of a new month leads to new challenges, new goals and new achievements. I have set a lot of goals for myself this month, including a few fitness goals…

  1. Run More.I have been caught up in “SpinCity” as I like to call it- taking and teaching cycle classes 8-10 times a week.

    Photo courtesy of lululemon Athletica under Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

    While spinning is a full body workout and a great way to build endurance and strengthen muscles, variety is key. I have been longing for a good long run on the Charles or a sunrise run through the middle of sleepy Boston, but haven’t “found the time” to make it happen.
    For myself, sticking to a good running routine will not happen unless I am training for something. While I don’t know what my next race will be, I do know what I am training for in the future. If I am logisticallyable to get to Vancouver next August, I will be training to run the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon. I will hopefully be crossing off a new city and a new race in one weekend.

  2. New Music. I have been slacking in finding new music for my cycle classes, and I feel myself (and my class) becoming bored with the same old songs. I will be plugged in this month, headphones on my walks to work and class, blasting Spotify, Pandora, 8Tracks and anything else I can get my ears on.
  3. Strength Train. I have lost a lot of muscle that I had built up when I used to lift and I’m ready to get it back. Nothing crazy, maybe twice a week after a spin class (or long run!), but enough to start seeing some results.

It’s a loaded list, but there is no point of setting easily obtainable goals. We’ll see how it goes!