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Ballet for Grownups

Distributed for Fair Use by KCBalletMedia on Creative Commons (http://www.flickr.com/photos/67555847@N06/6810922860/sizes/m/)

Distributed for Fair Use by KCBalletMedia on Creative Commons (http://www.flickr.com/photos/67555847@N06/6810922860/sizes/m/)

Being a ballerina isn’t just for little kids any more. According to Karen Barrow of the New York Times’ Well Blog, ballet style workouts are popping up all of the New York City area. Barrow visited Pure Yoga, a Upper West Side Manhattan studio where she participated in Figure 4, the studio’s ballet class. The class, Barrow reported, was a slow paced strengthening workout to tone ankles, feet and legs. There is also the benefit of increases flexibility for loyal Figure 4 participants.

Barre studios have been popping up around the country, but it is interesting to see some of these classes start to gear directly towards ballet focused movements. After researching the fitness trend a bit more, I have found a significant ballet-focused barre workouts, including a studio in Mesa, AZ called Ballet Fusion Fitness. Studio BFF, as it is known, offers a variety of ballet-focused barre classes, including Ballerobica, Ballet Boxing and Ballroom Fusion. The studio has even produced a set of workout DVDs called Ballerobica for those who would want to try out a ballet style workout in their own homes.

Really interesting stuff, and great for anyone who has had a background (even from childhood) in ballet or dance. I think this is another great step in encouraging people to find workouts that they love, a main goal of each and all of these studios. We’ll have to wait and see if something like this appears in Boston anytime soon…





Twitter & Fitter

I will be following various Twitter handles to find reviews, promotions and news stories about different fitness workouts, local races and new studios. I will compile a list of these Twitter handles and others on my Twitter profile. Through following these sources for the last day, I have been able to expand this list. I have found a variety of instructors, studios and classes that I am looking forward to trying. I will be adding these Twitter handles (and more!) to my list over the next few days.

  1. @rateyourburn | Rate Your Burn is a fitness class review blog, where anonymous RYB reps head into new fitness classes and try them out. @rateyourburn tweets links to reviews and retweets different fitness instructors.
  2. @fitfluential | FitFluential generally retweets its network of fitness ambassadors who introduce readers to fitness tips, new workouts and healthy recipes.
  3. @lululemon | While lululemon does tweet about their products, they also promote local races, fitness studios and events.
  4. @nytimeshealth | NYT Health posts links to their articles on fitness, health and wellness. There are also retweets by professionals in the industry.
  5. @bostonfitfind | Boston Fit Find posts links to deals in the fitness industry in Boston. This is where I will go to find out the newest, trendiest workouts.
  6. @omgal | OmGal is Boston’s own Rebecca Pacheco, a certified yoga instructor, runner and voice behind OmGal.com. Her twitter handle reflects her blog, posting the latest fitness workouts in the city.
  7. @carrotsncake | Another Boston-based fitness blogger. She tweets about healthy recipes and city fitness life. I hope to find a lot of new workouts and instructors through her Twitter handle.
  8. @fitsugar | One of my blogs-to-follow, FitSugar mainly links to articles on their website about healthy eating and fitness trends.
  9. @shape_magazine | Shape will help me find fitness trends not only occurring in Boston, but around the country. I’m excited to look into some of their healthy recipes and stretching tips as well.
  10. @fitnessmagazine | Fitness Magazine is a key resource in finding professionals in the fitness industry. They retweet these professionals as well as posting links to their articles online.

Photo (cc) by mgstanton and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.